Cairo Literature Festival 3rd Round Program

·       Opening: February 11th

-        7 pm (Beit El-Sehimi): Feminine Creation and Social Changes

Guests: Maha Hassan (Syria) and Mansoura Ez Eldin (Egypt). Moderator: Dina Kabil (Egypt).  

·       Day 2: February 12th

-        1 pm (Faculty of Languages/ Ain Shams University) : Contemporary German Literature

Guests: Anna Katharina Hahn (Germany). Moderator: Dr. Ola Adel (Egypt).  

-        4 pm (Al-Balad Culture Center - Downtown Cairo) : A workshop on Translation Collider Project (Invitations Only)

Guests: Yana Genova (Bulgaria) and Mohsen Alhady (Slovenia), Moderator: Mohamed El-Baaly (Egypt).

-        5 pm (Rawabet Theatre- Downtown Cairo): Contemporary Feminine Writing

Guests: Marisa Silver (USA), Louisa Young (UK), Kim Echlin (Canada) and Omneya Talaat (Egypt). Moderator: Medhat Taha (Egypt)

-        7 pm (Rawabet Theatre -Downtown Cairo): Woman… a poem and a tale

Guests: Iman Mersal (Egypt), Rasha Omran (Syria),Maha Hassan (Syria), Jana Putrle (Slovenia) and Suzana Tratnik (Slovenia). Moderator: Syed Mahmoud (Egypt).

·       Day 3: February 13th

-        1 pm (Faculty of Languages/ Ain Shams University): Models of Slavonic Literatures

Guests: Jozef Banáš (Slovakia), Bianca Bellová (Czech) and Katerina Tuckova (Czech). Moderator: Dr. Iman Ismael (Egypt).

-        5 pm (Doum Foundation- Downtown Cairo): A look onto exchanged translations between Balkan and Arab literatures(with live translations)

Guests: Jana Putrle (Slovenia), Suzana Tratnik (Slovenia), Mohsen Alhady (Slovenia), and Hamdy El-Gazzar (Egypt). Moderator: Medhat Taha  (Egypt).

-        6 pm (Beit El-Seinari): Women Writing from the world

Guests: May Telmissany (Egypt), Anna Katharina Hahn (Germany) and Milena Michiko Flašar (Austria). Moderator: Mohamed El-Baaly (Egypt).

-        6,30 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): Launch of the book “Am I Free now?” by Linn Stalsberg (Norway)


-         7,30 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): Contemporary Women Writing in Kuwait:

Guests: Afrah Alhendal (Kuwait), Istabraq Ahmed (Kuwait). Moderator: Suzan Khwatmi (Syria).


-        Day 4: February 14th

-        1 pm (Faculty of Languages): A look onto literature in the Balkan and Anatolia

Guests: Jana Putrle (Slovenia), Suzana Trantik (Slovenia), and Ahmed Omet (Turkey). Moderators: Dr. Ahmed Murad (Egypt).

-        5 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): Literature is a Wide Sky

Guests: Susanne Schanda (Switzerland), Mohamed Shoair (Egypt). Moderator: Yehia Wagdi (Egypt).

-        6 pm (Dutch Institute in Zamalek): Release of the book “The Naked and the Covered”

Guests: Mineke Schipper (Netherlands). Moderator: Abdelrehim Youssef (Egypt). 

-        7 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): Development of literature written in English

Guests: Kim Echlin (Canada), Marisa Silver (USA) and Louisa Young (UK). Moderator: Ahmed Salah Eldin (Egypt).

·       Day 5: February 15th

-         3 pm (Younis Emre Institute- Dokki): Historical novel between Cairo and Ankara

Guests: Fathy Embaby (Egypt) and Ahmed Omet (Turkey). Moderator: Dr. Ahmed Murad (Egypt).  

-        5 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): A look onto contemporary Iraqi literature

Guests: Hamid Al-Robiei (Iraq), Khodair Flaih Al-Zaidy (Iraq) and Ali Hassan Al-Fawaz (Iraq). Moderator: Mahmoud El-Ghitany (Egypt).


-        7 pm (Doum Foundation -Downtown Cairo): Feminine literature in Czech

Guests: Bianca Bellová (Czech) and KaterinaTuckova (Czech). Moderator: Dr. Iman Ismael (Egypt).

-        7 pm (Grand Library of Cairo- Zamalek): Literature challenges reality

Guests: Kim Echlin (Canada), Lana Abdelrahman (Lebanon), Basma Abdelaziz (Egypt), Jozef Banáš (Slovakia)and Maha Hassan (Syria). Moderator: Khaled El-Khamisi (Egypt).

Day 6: February 16th    

-        7 pm (Al-Haram Building- Haikel Hall ): Contemporary poetry Readings

RashaOmran (Syria), Jana Putrle (Slovenia), William Melaney (USA), Mohamed Eid Ibrahim (Egypt), Mohamed Harby (Egypt), Sherif El-Saf’y (Egypt), Ghada Khalifa (Egypt), Ahmed El-Shahawy (Egypt), Sara Abdin (Egypt) and Sameh Mahgoub (Egypt).